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It’s been a long time..

..since I rock and rolled!
Well, it’s not, it was like.. last Wednesday when we hosted The Milestone.. So yeah..

It’s been a long time since we wrote a post on here, so here’s some updates from the band!

As you all probably know, we’ve been recording Lucky 13 recently and it’s going really well! We’ve almost finished the recording of the record and are about to move onto the post-production parts and mixing.

We’ll have a new single out from Lucky 13 soon for you guys too, we can’t wait to release it! We’ll also be releasing the track listing for the record soon too! Look out for that!
We’ll also be shooting a video for this single, and looking for people to appear in the video – so if you’re female aged between 18-30 we’d love to hear from you!

Now for some really big news.. we suggest you sit down for this..

We’re planning a tour of Poland later this year!
We’ll be touring with the amazing Zenon Band summertime this year!

In light of our huge page growth recently, we’ve decided to leave England and gather a fan base abroad too!
Over the past week or two, our page has BLOWN UP in Uruguay, Poland and South America. We’ve had 500+ likes, 650+ people taking about us, moved to rank #6 in ReverbNations Rock chart and had masses of booking enquiries. We cannot thank you guys enough for this, it means a lot to us!

In preparation for the tour, Mike has been hard at work adding language support to our website which will be uploaded hopefully next week (just waiting on translations!).

On another note, you may have noticed we’ve cancelled our 3 shows this year at The Midland – sadly, this is because the venue closed and changed hands. But! We’re working on getting the dates confirmed back in with the new manager, so watch this space!


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