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What we’ve been up to

Been a while since we updated you guys, so here you go!

The gig last Saturday at the Rose & Crown was awesome, you guys rock! The place was packed all night, people were singing a long and there we people dancing everywhere! We can’t thank you guys enough for coming and supporting the band, it felt amazing to see people singing our own songs back at us! We’ll upload some photos to the website soon (you can see them on Facebook already)

We’ve also been busy writing! We will be ready to play our new single “Sell my Soul” soon! We plan to get it recorded and out to you guys before Christmas too. “Sell my Soul” will be featured on our next album, which is currently being written.

We’ve also taken order of more merch, this time in the form of Keyrings! You will be able to buy these from any of the band members as well as on our website. These will be available soon so keep an eye out!
T-Shirts are next on the list, so keep an eye out for them too. Sorry they’re taking so long, we’ll have them to you as soon as we can!

See you all at a gig soon!



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